OSC – 2013 in Review


In the State of Virginia there are over 200,000 people, mostly children, who are on some sort of government financial support such as Medicaid, SNAP, or SSI. Navigating these government programs is an extremely complex process, and often people make decisions that lead to them losing their benefits, and negatively impacting their overall income. This leads individuals to not trust the "system", which means they choose not to work in case this puts at risk their benefits.

WorkWorld solves the problem of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). As a calculator originally built for policy wonks, it understands the impacts of all the various government assistance programs on each other, and what happens when a person decides to work.

When employment counselors work with clients, only 40% of clients choose to join the workforce. However, when counselors walk clients through various scenarios using WorkWorld, 90% choose to work!

We reimagined this "calculator" as something much more akin to the way TurboTax walks users through complex tax preparation scenarios.

You can find more information about the program and create an online account at www.workworld.wwrc.net »